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Rick Rosner’s IQ

Rick Rosner is a person with one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded. His IQ is reported to be around 192, which puts him in the top 0.00003% of the population in terms of intellectual ability. Rosner’s exceptional intelligence has allowed him to achieve remarkable feats in his life.

Early Life and Education

Rick Rosner was born on May 2, 1949, in Colorado. During his childhood, he struggled with dyslexia and was labeled as a slow learner. However, he eventually discovered that he had a remarkable ability to retain and recall information, leading him to become interested in knowledge and learning.

After high school, Rosner worked various jobs before eventually deciding to attend the University of Colorado. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics, followed by a master’s degree in the subject from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Career and Achievements

Despite his impressive academic background, Rick Rosner is perhaps best known for his unconventional career choices. He has worked as a stripper, bouncer, and even a writer for the hit TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. However, his intelligence has always remained a constant throughout his various jobs.

Rosner has also achieved a number of impressive feats throughout his life, thanks to his incredible intelligence. He has appeared on various game shows, including “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “The Chase”. In addition, he has been a writer for several popular TV shows and has even published a book on his experiences.


Overall, Rick Rosner is a fascinating individual with an exceptionally high IQ. His intelligence has allowed him to achieve remarkable things throughout his life, despite facing challenges early on. Whether working as a bouncer or appearing on a game show, Rosner’s exceptional intellect has always shone through, making him a true inspiration to many.

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