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Donald Trump’s IQ

The Controversy Surrounding the President’s Intelligence

Donald Trump’s IQ has been a topic of much debate and speculation since he took office as President of the United States in 2017. While there are no official records of his intelligence quotient (IQ), various sources have claimed to have information about his cognitive abilities.

What is an IQ Test?

An IQ test is a standardized test designed to measure a person’s intelligence. The most commonly used tests are the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. These tests are designed to measure a person’s verbal and nonverbal abilities, including memory, problem-solving skills, and logical reasoning.

What is Considered a “High” IQ?

According to most IQ classifications, an IQ score of 130 or above is considered “highly intelligent” or “gifted.” Scores between 120 and 129 are considered “superior intelligence,” while scores between 110 and 119 are considered “high average.” Scores below 70 are considered “mentally challenged” or “intellectually disabled.”

What is Donald Trump’s IQ?

It is difficult to determine Donald Trump’s IQ with any degree of accuracy because he has never publicly released his test scores. However, various sources have claimed to have information about his cognitive abilities.One source is Dr. Bornstein, the former personal physician to Trump who claimed in 2015 that Trump’s IQ was “156-167.” This claim has been widely disputed, as it is not uncommon for people to exaggerate their IQ scores.Another source is Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned psychologist and professor at Harvard University. Gardner claims that Trump exhibits several characteristics of individuals with “high verbal IQs,” including the ability to speak fluently and persuasively. However, Gardner also notes that Trump exhibits “no signs of deep learning” and lacks the ability to think deeply about complex issues.

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