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Portada » 12 genuine signs of intelligence you can’t fake

12 genuine signs of intelligence you can’t fake

Have you ever encountered someone who really wanted everyone to think they were smart?

And whether they were using big words or just flaunting their nerdy hobby, it was quiteobvious that they weren’t as bright as they tried to appear.

While smart individuals are more likely to believe that they aren’t particularly smart,less intelligent people are prone to overestimate their competence.Intelligence is indeed something that a lot of people wish they had and many others attemptto fake.

However, there are certain things in life you simply cannot fake, and genuine intelligenceis one of them!In fact, there are several indicators that have been scientifically linked to higherlevels of intelligence.Here are 12 of them.

Number 1 – Insatiable Curiosity

You might think that pretending to know everything is impressive and makes you look smart, however,it’s the ones who admit they don’t know everything who are the brightest.It’s not just because it displays humility; it’s also because it shows their interestin learning new things.Truly intelligent people ask insightful questions and spend hours researching new and excitingtopics.As a result, they continue to learn throughout their lives.

Number 2 – Open-Mindedness

Too many people take pride in what they believe, and they often associate their sense of selfwith their rigid point of view.Intelligent people tend to be more objective because they look at a situation from differentperspectives and make an effort to really understand it before making a judgment.While this doesn’t mean they are gullible, or easily swayed to change their views, theydefinitely aren’t afraid of exploring new concepts and ideas.

Number 3 – Being The Silent Type

There are many misconceptions about quiet people like being antisocial, socially awkward,or weird.This isn’t necessarily true, though.They may not be the life of the party, but that’s because they are taking the time toassess the situation and find someone worth talking to.And if they’re already in a group conversation, intelligent people prefer to think about theirresponses before saying them out loud.They also find silence better than engaging in pointless small talk.

Number 4 – High Adaptability

Life isn’t always going to be easy.Some complain about that, and they might even throw a tantrum because adjusting is too muchwork.Intelligent people, on the other hand, feel more capable of taking on twists and challenges.Adaptability is actually a key component of intelligence.It refers to the ability to adapt to new situations or circumstances.This trait is also linked to resilience, or the ability to bounce back from adversity.Intelligent individuals aren’t afraid of uncertainty and are prepared to face whatever comes theirway.Even when things don’t go as planned, they bounce back fast and are eager to try again.

Number 5 – Strong Self-Control

When hurt, rejected, or dismissed, many people might resort to yelling.Truly intelligent people are different; they don’t allow emotions to get the better of them and can therefore avoid rash decisions. They’re more the type who think rationally and weigh the pros and cons of a situation.You won’t find them throwing things and what not.

Number 6 – Ability to Acknowledge Faults

Those with an ego will never admit a fault or a shortcoming because they feel it makesthem inferior.In contrast, intelligent people do not tie their self-worth to their ego, so they havean easier time accepting mistakes and moving on.Being honest with yourself and others is an admirable trait, and it displays high intelligence.

Number 7 – A Knack for Wit

Studies have shown that humor and intelligence are correlated.In fact, comedians, in particular, score higher on IQ tests!That’s because humor involves not only processing information; it takes finding the odd angleand perfect timing, as well as higher verbal intelligence.This unique ability and presence of mind allows one to convert even the most inconsequentialcircumstances and things into something you can burst out laughing at.

Number 8 – High Creativity

Innovative ideas and creative solutions are basically everyday practices for the highlyintelligent.Creativity is actually one of the highest forms of intelligence because it requiresthinking outside the box.Since intelligent people are able to see things from different perspectives, they excel atproblem-solving.They’re also great at turning visions into reality which takes incredible know-how andgood observation skills, in addition to a curious and creative mind.

Number 9 – Strong Self-Identity

Intelligent people have the wonderful gift of self-awareness.This means they are tapped into their psyche and know their likes and dislikes, goals andambitions, strengths and weaknesses, and their values.This doesn’t mean they think they’re perfect; quite the opposite.They accept their insecurities, instead of pretending they aren’t there.However, their sense of self doesn’t falter just because they have weaknesses.Intelligent people work on their weaknesses, while developing their strengths.

Number 10 – Ability to Maintain a Variety of Interests

Intelligent people don’t limit themselves to doing one thing; they tend to have severalprojects they’re working on.They might work a full-time job while growing a side hustle, learning a foreign language,taking music lessons, or refinishing all their wooden furniture.While many people like staying busy, these folks prefer to spend their time doing thingsthat help them improve in some way.

Number 11 – Preference for Solitude

Intelligent people need their time to recharge away from the world.This doesn’t mean they hate people; it just means they like the space to reflect, brainstorm,and study past experiences to plan their next move.They understand that the more time they spend socializing, the less time they have for themselvesand their ambitions.Of course, they do have friends and family they treasure, but they also need that alonetime.

Number 12 – Sensitivity to Other People’s Feelings

Intelligence isn’t only determined by a high IQ; emotional intelligence is just as important.It plays a significant role in the achievement of success, the quality of relationships,and overall happiness.A well-developed EQ enables you to better deal with stress and to understand othersand where they’re coming from.Being sensitive to the feelings and emotions of people around you also allows you to respondin a way that is appropriate to their needs.Empathy, is in fact, one of the most prominent elements of emotional intelligence.In essence, there are many aspects to human intelligence, but there are certain characteristicsand behavioral patterns that can be recognized in highly intelligent individuals.

Which of these traits do you identify with the most?

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