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Portada » What Is the Complete Intelligence Profile?

What Is the Complete Intelligence Profile?

When you take the IQ Test, you will receive a General Score for free. That score gives you the big picture.

However, should you wish to obtain an in depth report–the details–then you might be interested in your Complete Intelligence Profile, a wide spectrum thirteen-part analysis of your performance that is available for $14.95. With your Complete Intelligence Profile, you will receive a graph and complete written explanations regarding your scores in each of the test’s 13 individual areas of intelligence.

This full report is available to anyone who takes the IQ Test.

Our test measures 13 mental abilities, and separate scores for each are computed. These abilities are:

ArithmeticLogicalGeneral Knowledge
SpellingRote UtilizationIntuition
Short Term MemoryGeometricAlgebraic
Computational Speed

These separate scores are statistically analyzed, and from them an Intelligence Quotient is computed for each catagory.

You will benefit from knowing, in depth, the various scores of your specific mental abilities. Those abilities in which you score far higher than your general IQ may indicate that you have special talents. These talents could indicate career directions.

Also, abilities in which you score lower than your general IQ may indicate aspects of your mental processing that should be considered if certain challenges are to be successfully handled. For instance, a person with a poor spelling quotient may find that he or she is able to compensate for it through study and practice.